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john 1:1

Eusebian Number 4.1 (Table III)

1.1 3.14 4.1
Matt.1.1-16 Luke.3.23-38 John.1.1-5
1Lioar sheeloghe Yeesey Creest, mac Ghavid, mac Abraham 2Hooar Abraham Isaac, as hooar Isaac Jacob, as hooar Jacob Judas as e vraaraghyn. 3As hooar Judas Phares as Zarah rish Thamar, as hooar Phales Esrom, as hooar Esrom Aram. 4As hooar Aram Aminadab, as hooar Aminadab Naason, as hooar Naason Salmon 5As hooar Salmon Booz rish Rachab, as hooar Booz Obed rish Ruth, as hooar Obed Jesse. 6As hooar Jesse David yn ree, as hooar David yn ree Solomon reeish v'er ny ve ben Urias. 7As hooar Solomon Roboam, as hooar Roboam Abia, as hooar Abia Asa: 8As hooar Asa Josaphat, as hooar Josaphat Joram, as hooar Joram Ozias. 9As hooar Ozias Joatham, as hooar Joatham Achaz, as hooar Achaz Ezekias. 10As hooar Ezekias Manasses, as hooar Manasses Amon, as hooar Amon Josias. 11As hooar Josias Jechonias as e vraaraghyn, mysh traa yn chappeeys Babylonagh. 12As rish earish yn chappeeys Babylon agh hooar Jechonias Salathiel, as hooar Salathiel Zorobabel. 13As hooar Zorobabel Abiud, as hooar Abiud Eliakim, as hooar Eliakim Azor. 14As hooar Azor Sadoc, as hooar Sadoc Achim, as hooar Achim Eliud. 15As hooar Eliud Eliazar, as hooar Eliazar Matthan, as hooar Matthan Jacob. 16As hooar Jacob Joseph sheshey Voirrey, j'eeish ruggyr Yeesey, ta enmyssit Creest. 23As ghow Yeesey eh-hene toshiaght dy ve mysh jeih bleeaney as feed dy eash, as (goit dy ve) mac Yoseph, mac Heli, 24Mac Matthat, mac Leyi, mac Melchi, mac Janna, mac Joseph, 25Mac Mattathias, mac Amos,mac Naum, mac Esli, mac Nagge, 26Mac Maath, mac Mattathias, mac Semei, mac Joseph, mac Juda, 27Mac Joanna, mac Rhesa, mac Zorobabel, mac Salathiel, mac Neri, 28Mac Melchi, mac Addi, mac Cosam, mac Elmodam, mac Er, 29Mac Jose, mac Eliezer, mac Jorim, mac Matthat, mac Levi, 30Mac Simeon, mac Juda, mac Joseph, mac Jonan, mac Eliakim, 31Mac Melea, mac Menan, mac Mattatha, mac Nathan, mac David, 32Mac Jesse, mac Obed, mac Booz, mac Salmon, mac Naasson, 33Mac Aminadab, mac Aram, mac Esrom, mac Phares, mac Juda 34Mac Jacob, mac Isaac, mac Abraham, mac Thara, mac Nachor, 35Mac Saruch, mac Ragan, mac Phalec, mac Heber, mac Sala. 36Mac Cainan, mac Arphaxad, mac Sem, mac Noe, mac Lamech, 37Mac Mathusala. mac Enoch, mac Ja red, mac Maleleel, mac Cainan, 38Mac Enos, mac Seth, mac Adam, mac Yee. 1Ayns y toshiaght va'n Goo, as va'n Goo marish Jee, as va'n Goo Jee. 2Va'n Goo cheddin ayns y toshiaght marish Jee. 3Liorishyn va dy chooilley nhee er ny yannoo; as n'egooish cha row nhee erbee jeant va er ny yannoo; 4Aynsyn va bea, as va'n vea soilshey deiney. 5As ren y soilshey soilshean ayns y dorraghys, as cha ren y dorraghys goaill-rish.