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Welcome - The SWORD Project's Copyright Website

     The SWORD Project has developed a variety of tools that make it easy for people to develop Bible programs. Currently people are developing Bible software that is used on Windows, Linux, PDA's, and even the ability to look up Bible verses right from your Internet browser.
     No matter how useful the tools are, or become, their true value lies in the texts on which they operate-- the SWORD modules. These are simple files that contain the text of a variety of well known Bible translations and references. They can either be downloaded from or are available on the SWORD CD.
     The problem, however, is that most of the modern Bible translation modules can not be used because they are copyrighted and we do not have permission to distribute them.
     We need your help! To secure the permission of these copyright holders we need the help of every person using The SWORD Project's Bible programs and tools. You will find everything you need to be able to help right here on this website! So start exploring! :)