Copyright Information:

How You Can Help!

  • Send A Support Letter:
    You can help by sending a letter to one or more of the copyright holders of locked modules, asking that they would grant the SWORD Project the right to distribute their work. Explaining how useful the SWORD Project is, etc. (More on writing a letter here, also check out the form letters section on that page to find a letter, print it and mail it.)

  • Research Copyright Information:
    You can also help by doing research into what companies or organizations hold the copyrights on some of the locked modules and gathering other copyright information for all modules. (You can browse a list of modules here.) Find out what needs to be done to contact those copyright holders, their address, contact information and any other special instructions. E-mail those to me (, so I can put them up on this web site. We especially need help in respect to many of the foreign language modules. I, for example, only know English and even that not so good. :) So I would appreciate the help of those that can speak many different languages.

  • Pray For Our Efforts:
    One of the biggest ways you can help is by praying for The SWORD Project and our efforts in trying to get these companies, etc. to licenses their works for distribute. We want to be able to come to appropriate aggreements with Bible societies and publishers to distribute their works.