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Language: af
ERaf_en Ergane Afrikaans to English Glossary
ERen_af Ergane English to Afrikaans Glossary
FDaf_en Freedict Afrikaans to English Glossary
FDen_af Freedict English to Afrikaans Glossary
Language: ang
ERang_en Ergane Old English to English Glossary
ERen_ang Ergane English to Old English Glossary
Language: bar
ERen_xEBAR Ergane English to Bavarian Glossary
ERxEBAR_en Ergane Bavarian to English Glossary
Language: br
br_en Breton to English Glossary
Language: bs
ERen_bs Ergane English to Bosnian Glossary
Language: ca
ERca_en Ergane Catalan to English Glossary
ERen_ca Ergane English to Catalan Glossary
Language: cs
ERen_cs Ergane English to Czech Glossary
Language: cy
ERcy_en Ergane Welsh to English Glossary
Language: da
ERda_en Ergane Danish to English Glossary
ERen_da Ergane English to Danish Glossary
FDda_en Freedict Danish to English Glossary
FDen_da Freedict English to Danish Glossary
Language: de
ERde_en Ergane German to English Glossary
ERen_de Ergane English to German Glossary
FDen_de Freedict English to German Glossary
Language: el
ERen_el Ergane English to Greek Glossary
Language: eo
EReo_en Ergane Esperanto to English Glossary
Language: es
ERen_es Ergane English to Spanish Glossary
ERes_en Ergane Spanish to English Glossary
FDen_es Freedict English to Spanish Glossary
Language: eu
en_eu English to Basque Glossary
Language: fi
ERen_fi Ergane English to Finnish Glossary
ERfi_en Ergane Finnish to English Glossary
FDen_fi Freedict English to Finnish Glossary
FDfi_en Freedict Finnish to English Glossary
Language: fr
ERen_fr Ergane English to French Glossary
ERfr_en Ergane French to English Glossary
FDen_fr Freedict English to French Glossary
Language: fy
ERen_fy Ergane English to Frisian Glossary
ERfy_en Ergane Frisian to English Glossary
Language: ga
ERen_ga Ergane English to Irish Glossary
ERga_en Ergane Irish to English Glossary
Language: gd
ERen_gd Ergane English to Scots Gaelic Glossary
ERgd_en Ergane Scots Gaelic to English Glossary
Language: grc
ERen_grc Ergane English to Ancient Greek Glossary
Language: haw
ERen_haw Ergane English to Hawaiian Glossary
Language: he
ERen_he Ergane English to Hebrew Glossary
Language: hu
ERhu_en Ergane Hungarian to English Glossary
Language: id
ERen_id Ergane English to Indonesian Glossary
ERid_en Ergane Indonesian to English Glossary
Language: is
ERen_is Ergane English to Icelandic Glossary
ERis_en Ergane Icelandic to English Glossary
Language: it
ERen_it Ergane English to Italian Glossary
ERit_en Ergane Italian to English Glossary
FDen_it Freedict English to Italian Glossary
Language: itz
ERen_xEITZ Ergane English to Yucatec Glossary
Language: ja
ERen_ja Ergane English to Japanese Glossary
ERja_en Ergane Japanese to English Glossary
Language: ku
ERen_ku Ergane English to Kurdish Glossary
ERku_en Ergane Kurdish to English Glossary
Language: la
ERen_la Ergane English to Latin Glossary
ERla_en Ergane Latin to English Glossary
FDla_en Freedict Latin to English Glossary
la_en Latin to English Glossary
Language: lmo
ERen_xELMO Ergane English to Lombard Glossary
ERxELMO_en Ergane Lombard to English Glossary
Language: mi
ERen_mi Ergane English to Maori Glossary
Language: ms
ERen_ms Ergane English to Malay Glossary
ERms_en Ergane Malay to English Glossary
Language: mt
ERen_mt Ergane English to Maltese Glossary
Language: nl
ERen_nl Ergane English to Dutch Glossary
ERnl_en Ergane Dutch to English Glossary
FDen_nl Freedict English to Dutch Glossary
Language: no
ERen_no Ergane English to Norwegian Glossary
ERno_en Ergane Norwegian to English Glossary
FDen_no Freedict English to Norwegian Glossary
Language: pap
ERen_pap Ergane English to Papiamentu Glossary
ERpap_en Ergane Papiamentu to English Glossary
Language: pl
ERen_po Ergane English to Polish Glossary
ERpo_en Ergane Polish to English Glossary
Language: pt
ERen_pt Ergane English to Portuguese Glossary
ERpt_en Ergane Portuguese to English Glossary
FDen_pt Freedict English to Portuguese Glossary
FDpt_en Freedict Portuguese to English Glossary
Language: ro
ERen_ro Ergane English to Romanian Glossary
ERro_en Ergane Romanian to English Glossary
Language: ru
ERen_ru Ergane English to Russian Glossary
ERru_en Ergane Russian to English Glossary
Language: sk
ERen_sk Ergane English to Slovak Glossary
Language: sq
ERen_sq Ergane English to Albanian Glossary
ERsq_en Ergane Albanian to English Glossary
Language: srn
ERen_xESRN Ergane English to Sranan Glossary
ERxESRN_en Ergane Sranan to English Glossary
Language: sv
ERen_sv Ergane English to Swedish Glossary
ERsv_en Ergane Swedish to English Glossary
FDen_sv Freedict English to Swedish Glossary
FDsv_en Freedict Swedish to English Glossary
Language: sw
ERen_sw Ergane English to Swahili Glossary
ERsw_en Ergane Swahili to English Glossary
Language: tl
ERen_tl Ergane English to Tagalog Glossary
ERtl_en Ergane Tagalog to English Glossary
Language: tlh
KLVen_iklingon Klingon Language Version English to Klingon mapping lexicon
KLViklingon_en Klingon Language Version Klingon to English mapping lexicon
Language: tn
ERen_tn Ergane English to Tswana Glossary
Language: tr
ERtr_en Ergane Turkish to English Glossary
Language: ty
ERen_ty Ergane English to Tahitian Glossary
ERty_en Ergane Tahitian to English Glossary
Language: yo
ERen_yo Ergane English to Yoruba Glossary
ERyo_en Ergane Yoruba to English Glossary
Language: zh
ERen_zh Ergane English to Chinese Glossary
Language: zu
ERen_zu Ergane English to Zulu Glossary
ERzu_en Ergane Zulu to English Glossary

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