Copyright Information:

Our Strategy

     The SWORD Project would like to work with publishers and Bible societies to secure the right to distribute Bible translations for those that use SWORD software. For most Bible societies and publishers, their purpose is to distribute God's word for the benefit of others. That purpose is the same purpose we, at The SWORD Project, have (and I bet that is the same ideals you share!) In light of this The SWORD Project would like to offer our modules and tools for publishers and Bible societies to use. We will send an official letter to each Bible society and publisher offering to serve them with the tools we have. We hope that this will open up a dialog to be able to distribute their works for users of SWORD and others to use.
     You may be asking where you fit into all of this? Well, you are the reason The SWORD Project, Bible societies and publishers were started. So if you sent a letter to a Bible society or publisher asking to be able to use their work with The SWORD Project's software, you would provide the basis for when we open a dialog with them. They will understand that many people support The SWORD Project's efforts, as well as their own (remember most publishers and Bible societies want to get God's word to people, that's you.) Thanks for your help!

-SWORD Copyright Team