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Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers for the following questions: Q: Why are some modules locked?
A: Some of the Bible translations modules are copyrighted, due to copyright laws it would be illegal for The SWORD Project to make these available to be used by the general public. Currently they are used for testing and development only. That is why they are encrypted. If you have tried to use a locked SWORD module all you see is garbled text instead of the correct text.

Q: Is there anyway to unlock the modules by paying a fee?
A: No, not at this time. We have started to contact copyright holders seeking to forge agreements with them to distribute their works for use in SWORD Project based programs. Continue to check back at the main SWORD Project website ( for updates on the new availability of modules. For now please consider sending a letter of support.

Q: I have a print version of a translation, can I have the unlock code for the electronic version of this translation?
A: There is no current law, at least in the United States, that allows an owner of a print version to also have the right to an electronic version of the same work. For example if you bought a copy of a novel in print, you could not go to one of the many e-book store sites and ask for the elctronic version of that same novel.

Q: I have used another Bible Study program and have purchased the unlock code for a translation for that program, can I have the unlock code for The SWORD Project program?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to do this. If you found a way to export from the Bible Study program you have the text for and then make a SWORD module for personal use, as far as we know this is legal. We are just unable to give you the unlock code due to the high overhead of having to certify that each person that makes this kind of a request actually legaly has an electronic version of the the text. We simply don't have the volunteer man power for this. We however do support an initative that aims to make a standard for Bible societies and publishers to provide electronic versions of their translation that will work in a wide variety of Bible software that choose to support the standard. Write to the Bible societies and publishers that hold the copyright for the work you wish to use and encourage them to support this standard. It will make it much easier for users to use the programs they want and have the text work that they have already paid for. For more information on this initative: OSIS Initative Website.