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Module NameMKJV
Book NameGreen's Modern King James Version
Copyright Date1993
Copyright HolderJay P. Green, Sr.
Contact NameJay P. Green, Jr.
Address4427 East 200 North
Post Office Box 4998
Lafayette, Indiana 47903
United States of America
Copyright Notes
Distribution LicenseCopyrighted; Non-commercial distribution
Distribution NotesJay P. Green, Jr. granted permission for non-commercial distribution for use with The SWORD Project on Oct. 3, 2002 per e-mail:

You may unlock both the LITV & the MKJV so long as there is no commercial use of the texts and our copyright notices are maintained on all downloads of the MKJV and the LITV.

In Christ,
Jay P. Green, Jr.,
Vice President
Sovereign Grace Publishers, Inc.
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