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Module NameFinPR92
Book NameFinnish Pyhä Raamattu (1992)
Copyright Date1992
Copyright HolderKirkon keskusrahasto
Contact NameUlla Saarinen
Address?P.O.B. 185
Copyright Notes
Distribution License Copyrighted; Free for personal research, teaching and studying.
Distribution Source
Distribution Notes PUBLICATION PERMIT (12/19/2002) -
The Church Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland has today decided to grant the Cross Wire Bible Society a permission to publish the text of the Finnish Bible (1992 translation) in its software which contains the texts of the Bible in different languages.

The translation of the Finnish Bible is copyrighted by Kirkon keskusrahasto (The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland). The text is intended for research and studying purposes. The text may be retrieved to the personal workstation but copyring and re-distributing is strickly forbidden. For other use than personal research, teaching and studying a separate license by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is required.

Leena Rantanen
Ecclesiastical Councellor

Ulla Saarinen
Publication Secretary
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