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    The SWORD API (Application Programming Interface) or 'engine' is the underlying framework behind many of CrossWire Bible Society's other projects. The framework provides Biblical research and text access functionality to CrossWire's library, making development of user interfaces much easier and quicker to complete than starting from scratch.

    A quick start for getting the engine compiled:

    Obtain sword from SVN
    $ svn co sword

    $ cd sword
    $ ./
    $ ./
    $ make
    $ su
    # make install
    # make install_config
    # exit

    The SWORD engine should now be installed. You should be able to download any books from our site ( Choose the RawZip download link for each book) that you wish to make available and unzip them to /usr/share/sword.

    You can test that the engine is working and finding its library with something like:
    $ cd tests
    $ make
    $ ./mgrtest

    Suggested reading is the SWORD API Primer, available here.