Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Instructions:

  • SWORD API Installation
  • The SWORD Project for Windows Installation
  • SWORD Module Installation
  • SWORD Module Add-ins Installation Instructions

    Using Install Manager and Remote Source Downloading for Windows

    1. The SWORD Project for Windows should first be downloaded and installed. The Install Manager is included with The SWORD Project for Windows.
    2. Start Install Manager by choosing Start->The SWORD Project->Install Manager from your Windows [Start] menu.
    3. From the menu, choose 'Options' then 'Manage Remote Sources...'
    4. READ the warning and click 'OK' if it is OK.
    5. Click 'Add' and fill in the following info:
      Site Name: CrossWire Bible Society
      Site Machine Name:
      Repository Directory: /pub/sword/raw/
    6. Click 'Save' to save your new remote download source.
    7. You should now see a new tab on the main screen titled CrossWire Bible Society. Click this tab.
    8. Click the 'Refresh from Remote Source'. The Install Manager will now go out to CrossWire and retrieve the current available module information.
    9. Once that process is done you will have a list of available SWORD Module Add-ins available for installation or upgrade.
    10. To install a module click on it's name and then click 'Select' on the bottom (or double-click the module name), an arrow will appear to the left of the module if it is selected.
    11. Once you have selected all the modules you want to install click the 'Install' button on the bottom.

    Downloading Modules and Installing Without Install Manager

    1. You should first have your SWORD Project software installed before installing Module Add-ins.
    2. Download the module from the SWORD Module Add-in Download Section by clicking the download link. Be sure to choose the correct column: Windows, if you would like a windows installer included in the download; or Raw, if you are not running Windows or would prefer to install without the Windows installer (smaller download). Be sure to save the file where you can find it again once downloading is complete.
    3. Unzipping the archive:

        Windows: Find the folder to where you downloaded the module and double-click the .zip file. If Windows asks you for what application to use for opening the file, you will first need to install an unzip utility on your machine. There are many unzip utilities available free of charge and most software that you download from the internet will be in zip format, so it is a good idea to have one installed on your machine. You may visit for an assortment of free unzip utilities. After successfully opening the zip file with your unzip utility, there may be an [Install] button available for you to install the software. Some unzip utilities provide this function. If you do not see this option, unzip the contents of the zip file to a folder, and then, from that folder, double-click on the Setup.exe program. Follow the steps in the Installation program.

        Raw: Find the directory where your sword modules are installed. This directory will contain subdirectories: mods.d and modules. Some possibilities include \Program Files\CrossWire\The SWORD Project, or /usr/share/sword. Unzip the module to this directory. The module zip file will unzip to populate the mods.d and modules subdirectories.