Bible Commentaries

The following are Bible commentaries that can be used in any SWORD-based Bible program. To download, simply click on the link. For more information about a module, click the Info link beside it.

Please note: Nearly all SWORD programs include an Install Manager, which simplifies downloading and installation of modules. It is strongly recommended that you use an Install Manager if one is available to you. If one is not available for the application you are using, you may download from the list below and extract the ZIP to your SWORD module directory.

SWORD Module Add-ins Installation Instructions

Language: de
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] GerKingComments Kingcomments (German), Kommentar zur ganzen Bibel. [download]
[info] MAK Matthias Ansorgs Kommentar [download]
[info] Rieger Carl Heinrich Riegers Kommentar [download]

Language: en
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] Abbott Illustrated New Testament [download]
[info] Barnes Barnes' New Testament Notes [download]
[info] Burkitt Burkitt's Expository Notes [download]
[info] CalvinCommentaries Calvin's Collected Commentaries [download]
[info] Catena Catena Aurea (Thomas Aquinas) [download]
[info] Clarke Adam Clarke's Commentary and critical notes on the Bible [download]
[info] DTN Darby Translation Notes [download]
[info] Family Family Bible Notes [download]
[info] Geneva Geneva Bible Translation Notes [download]
[info] KingComments Kingcomments, commentary on the whole Bible. [download]
[info] Lightfoot John Lightfoot Commentary [download]
[info] Luther Luther's Commentary on Selected Bible Passages [download]
[info] NETnotesfree Free version of NET Bible Footnotes with limited notes [download]
[info] PNT The People's New Testament [download]
[info] Personal Personal Commentary [download]
[info] QuotingPassages Scripture Passages Quoting Scripture [download]
[info] RWP Robertson's Word Pictures [download]
[info] Scofield Scofield Reference Notes, 1917 Edition [download]
[info] Spurious Tischendorf's Spurious Passages of the GNT [download]
[info] TFG The Fourfold Gospel and Commentary on Acts of Apostles [download]
[info] TSK Treasury of Scripture Knowledge [download]
[info] Wesley John Wesley's Notes on the Bible [download]

Language: fr
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] FreCJE Chaque jour les Écritures [download]

Language: grc
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] SBLGNTApp The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition, Apparatus [download]
[info] VarApp NT Manuscript Variant Apparatus [download]

Language: la
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] VulgGlossa Glossa ordinaria, ed. Migne [download]

Language: nl
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] DutKant Kanttekeningen Statenvertaling [download]
[info] DutKingComments Kingcomments-NL, Commentaar op de hele Bijbel. [download]

Language: vi
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] VieLCCMNCT Lời Chúa Cho Mọi Người Chú Thích [download]

Language: zxx
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] Sentiment Sentiment Analysis of the Bible [download]

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