[sword-devel] Re: Offer help (portuguese module?)

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed May 3 04:27:49 MST 2006

Have you tried BibleDesktop? It works on the Mac. You can get it from  
www.crosswire.org/bibledesktop. I'd be interested to know if it has  
problems, too.

On May 2, 2006, at 9:05 AM, Jónatas Ferreira wrote:

> Hi Sérgio,
> When I say the portuguese module is corrupted I don't mean it has  
> error in the text itself, but in the encoding (although I found  
> some misspellings).
> I use MacSword and Will (the developer) made some changes to the  
> search engine that make it much better, but, due to the problems in  
> the PorAA module, I can't use it because it causes the App to  
> crash. Maybe if you can send me that files you talk about I can  
> correct the module (or you can send me the corrected module). At  
> the moment I am unable to search within the PorAA module and the  
> program keeps crashing a whole lot of times, almost always because  
> of that module. If I don't use the module at all, most times I work  
> for hours without a single problem, if I start to use it, I start  
> to have problems.
> It would be great to correct the module entirely and post an update  
> to the module at crosswire.org.
> Yours,
> Jónatas da Cruz Ferreira
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> Em 2006/05/02, às 10:23, Sergio Queiroz escreveu:
>>> So, I guess that for now nothing can be done, is that it?
>>> I had already noticed the erroneous naming of the module. I wrote to
>>> the list saying that and I have never had an answer.
>>> Is it possible to get your corrected copy anyway? It would be very
>>> helpfull (at least for now).
>> Hello Jonatas!
>> Indeed, the PorAA has some problems with strange characters at  
>> each verse
>> ending and with some accents, like the "à". But that it is a  
>> corrupted
>> copy of a copyrighted work is the personal opinion of Leandro  
>> Dutra. It is
>> normal that you cannot find any bible in print with the exact text  
>> of this
>> version, as the brazilian bible editors have changed a bit the  
>> translation
>> over the years to ameliorate it and also to have copyright rights  
>> over the
>> new text (and in this way preserve their commercial interests).
>> If you look at the history of this list, you will see a message (I  
>> think
>> that by Chris Little) where he affirms that Crosswire Society  
>> knows where
>> this version traces to, and that it has no copyright problems.  
>> Notice that
>> the translation by Joao Ferreira de Almeida is very old (dates  
>> from the
>> XVII century--for the new testament at least), so it has multiple
>> revisions by different bodies, some free of copyright, some others  
>> not.
>> The modifications of Leandro could not be accepted because he has  
>> not only
>> solved the technical problems of the module, he has also updated  
>> the text
>> to reflect the copyrighted work that he mentions. So it could no  
>> longer be
>> distributed without the authorization of the copyright holders of  
>> that
>> version.
>> Saying that this version is corrupted is a very far cry. I use it
>> frequently in a small group study group, where we are from different
>> nationalities, and we normally use the PorAA, the King James  
>> (english) and
>> the Louis Segond (french) at the same time, to study the same  
>> text. I've
>> never found a "corruption" in the PorAA text (I'm brazilian but also
>> fluent in english and french). In fact, it is often almost the  
>> same as the
>> King James version.
>> So, I think that you can use the PorAA without fears of having a  
>> corrupted
>> version. And it is much better to have a free portuguese module  
>> with some
>> technical problems than no portuguese module at all. I have at home a
>> small shell script that I have used to correct the problems with  
>> the "à"
>> and the "À" as well as the strange characters at the end of  
>> verses, I can
>> try to find it and send you later. Unfortunately I had to change  
>> my hard
>> disk recently (hardware failure) and I had not yet the time to  
>> restore my
>> backups.
>> Have a good time studying God's word!
>> Fraternellement,
>> Sergio
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