[bt-devel] BibleTime software development - package suggestion

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Sat Nov 26 11:18:47 MST 2011

Hello Derek,

I also use Mandriva 2010.2

Bibletime is available, Just go to MCC (Mandriva Control Center) > Software Management > Install & remove Software

Once your there make sure both the drop down menu's in the upper left corner both say "ALL"

Then type "Bibletime" in the Search Bar to the left.

You will see version 2.6, if sword does not come with the install just type sword in the search bar.

If you want a more updated Bibletime you have two options 1. wait for Mandriva to port the latest version or 2. update it your self by going to http://www.crosswire.org/sword/software/index.jsp

You will have to follow the wiki's to make sure you have all the required lib files installed.

I Hope this helps

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From: Derek Nelson-wills <technik01 at yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: [bt-devel] BibleTime software development - package suggestion
To: "bt-devel at crosswire.org" <bt-devel at crosswire.org>
Date: Saturday, November 26, 2011, 9:59 AM

Hi, I am currently using Mandriva Linux PowerPack 2010 (KDE desktop) and would like to use BibleTime.  As far as I can see, though, there is no version of it available in .rpm format that is suitable for Mandriva.

Is it possible to port the next release (or even the current release?) to the".rpm" package format for installation?
If this has already ben done, would you please accept my apologies and point me to the correct repository?
Many thanks,
Derek Nelson-Wills.

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