Change History

29 July 2008

BibleDesktop 1.6 is released. This is the 6th major release since 1.0, so we are changing the numbering scheme. The most obvious changes are that it is faster (BLAZING) and it is fully translated into several languages (TONGUES). This release has had the most contributors. Many thanks to all of you. As always, there are many bug fixes and minor improvements.

23 June 2007

BibleDesktop 1.0.7 is released. Parallel Bible viewing with the ability to graphically compare versions side-by-side. Greater usability, faster performance, and fewer bugs. Tighter Mac OS integration. Fully updated User's Manual.

31 Mar 2007

BibleDesktop 1.0.6 is released. Calvin's Institutes, Josephus' Complete Works and the like are now available, as we now support Sword's GenBook modules. BibleDesktop is now partially translated into German and Farsi.

18 Nov 2006

BibleDesktop 1.0.5 is released. Added support for Bible names in over 30 languages. As always many minor improvements, bug fixes and potential bug fixes.

27 Aug 2006

BibleDesktop 1.0.4 is released. Webster's Dictionary is now supported. BibleDesktop is now a native Mac OS X application with a Mac standard disk image! Internally, the programs arrange their data in a Mac and Windows friendly manner.

23 July 2006

BibleDesktop 1.0.3 is released. This release primarily makes the viewing of Bibles better. And it adds support for soon to be released modules, some of which will be locked modules.

8 Apr 2006

BibleDesktop 1.0.2 has been released. The previous release inadvertently kept BibleDesktop from running on Mac OS 10.3 and earlier. This release fixes that by no longer requiring Java 5.0.

1 Mar 2006

BibleDesktop 1.0.1 is released, providing a few bug fixes and performance enhancements.

This release also requires Java 5.0

6 Jan 2006

BibleDesktop 1.0 has been released!!! While it has been a long time since our last release, we have been active. Since the last release we have been working on small bugs and features to make BibleDesktop more fun. Share it with your friends. Join the BibleDesktop user's mailing list and tell us what you think. Over the next week or so we will be updating the documentation on the website to match the release.

16 Jan 2006

We have migrated our Source Code Management from CVS to SVN.

25 Mar 2005

JSword and BibleDesktop 0.9.9 have been released. The user experience has been greatly improved. Many options on viewing passages have been added to the view menu. The program is smaller, and faster for most things. The biggest change internally has been the replacement of the indexing with Lucene, an open source project.

18 Aug 2004

Bible Desktop is born! We are just finishing a huge job of splitting JSword into component projects, the websites are deparate CVS modules as is Bible Desktop, the Common library, Bible Mapper and the Support data.

25 May 2004

We've just finished getting rid of JAXB and replacing it with JDOM. In doing so the size of the BibleDesktop is well under half what it used to be!

5 May 2004

We' have separated the UI into a separate project called BibleDesktop and created new modules in CVS and so on. This process will take a while until we have finished sorting out the grey areas.

05 Apr 2004

JSword 0.9.7 has just landed. It includes many many bug fixes, mostly thanks to DM. This will be the last release where the Swing GUI is bundled with the rest of JSword, the intention is to split things out a bit from here

20 Mar 2004

Check out the new WebStart installation. Much improved.

20 Jan 2004

Module installation is new and starting to work properly.

08 Nov 2003

The current focus is on tidying up the GUI - the latest nightly builds now have a new AboutDialog and a Books dialog.

04 Nov 2003

JSword 0.9.6 has just been cut. There is now a ZeroG installer. See the download page for more details.

28 Sep 2003

Lots of work on the code to read Sword modules, the test harness now reads all the Sword modules I have and can iron out many data inconsistencies.

20 Apr 2003

JSword 0.9.5 has just been cut. See the download page for more details.

17 Apr 2003

Initial Sword Dictionary support hits CVS. This was the last major barrier before 1.0 beta so we hope to create a new release soon.

03 Apr 2003

New nightly downloads available at the Download page.

17 Feb 2003

There is a new API Primer link on the left. The API Primer describes how to go about reading and formatting data from JSword, using Bibles, Commentaries and Dictionaries.

15 Feb 2003

Sword drivers are now fixed in CVS once more amd we've made lots of GUI bug fixes. The only work that I know of before we release a beta version is to add Dictionary and Commentary support to the Sword drivers.

25 Jan 2003

Bug update to the splash screen which means that the completion percentages are computed automagically, and we've fixed a few UI bugs with it too.

03 Jan 2003

New OSIS pages and the beginnings of Dictionary and Lexicon support are just going into CVS.

15 Oct 2002

Sword module compatibility hits CVS. The number of Bible versions available to Sword users goes up something like 10-fold overnight.

13 Oct 2002

Bug Fixes! The WebStart version of JSword should now work most places. It is known to work on Windows, Linux and OS-X.

11 Oct 2002

Added a new JNLP section. JSword should now work over WebStart. For the time being the download comes with a complete Bible version so it is a large download, but we have a plan to reduce this. There are also some reports of failures on Windows.

21 Sep 2002

Currently working on releasing a beta for JSword v1.0. The remaining tasks (other than bug fixes) are some GUI polishing - mostly to sort out the config dialog and fixing Sword module compatibility. Updating the website was on the list, but I guess if you can read this ...

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