Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Instructions:

  • SWORD API Installation
  • The SWORD Project for Windows Installation
  • SWORD Module Installation
  • SWORD Module Add-ins Installation Instructions

    For Windows

    Using Install Manager and Remote Source Downloading

    We encourage all Windows users to install modules this way!
    1. The SWORD Project for Windows must be downloaded and installed because Install Manager comes with The SWORD Project for Windows.
    2. Start Install Manager by Start->The SWORD Project->Install Manager
    3. Click 'Options' on the menu and 'Manage Remote Sources...'
    4. READ the warning and click 'OK' if it is OK.
    5. Click 'Add' and fill the following info in:
      Site Name:
      Site Machine Name:
      Repository Directory: /pub/sword/raw/
    6. Once that is filled in click 'Save'.
    7. On the main screen above the left box are tabs, click the '' tab.
    8. Click the 'Refresh from Remote Source' button below the tab.
    9. Once that process is done you will have a list of available SWORD Module Add-ins that you can install.
    10. To install a module click on its name and then click 'Select' on the bottom, an arrow will appear to the left of the name if it is selected.
    11. Once you have selected all the modules you want to install click the 'Install' button on the bottom. Wait until it has finished installing all modules and then you can open The SWORD Project for Windows with modules.

    Using Zip Files

    You should probably be using the Install Manager instead of downloading manually, but if for some reason you need to download and install the modules manually, here is a quick tutorial.
    1. You must first have The SWORD Project for Windows downloaded and installed.
    2. Download the module from the SWORD Module Add-in Download Section by clicking the download link. When you have clicked the link once, wait, a dialog box will come up and ask you if you want to save the file, click "OK". Another dialog box will come up and ask you where you would like to download the file to on your computer, pick some that you will remember like a folder that you create on your hard drive that is called "sword modules".
    3. This is a good time to say that you will need a zip utility such as WinZip to finish installing. So go download and install this if you need it.
    4. When the file is done downloading you need to double clicked the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Find the file you downloaded and double click it. This will start your zip utility, if you don't have a zip utility then read the previous step. Extract all the files from the zip file to the location you install The SWORD Project for Window. This is typically something like C:\Program Files\The SWORD Project\

    For Linux

    1. Download the module of your choice from the SWORD Module Add-in Download Section by clicking the download link.
    2. Save the file somewhere on your computer you will remember-- e.g., your $HOME directory (~user used for this directory in the following instructions).

    3. Note: Because of systemwide file permissions, you will likely need be root to continue. To be root use the 'su -' command.

    4. Change directories to /usr/share/sword/ (if you used ./ to configure and build the sword library; otherwise, this may be different, like: /usr/local/share/sword. Consult /etc/sword.conf to see).
    5. Finally unzip the zip file by issuing a command similar to:
      # unzip ~user/