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    The SWORD Project for Windows Development

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  • Getting The SWORD Project for Windows Using SVN

    The SWORD Project for Windows source repository may be accessed using an SVN (subversion) client. The SVN repository holds up to the latest in-progress copy of the source and should be used with caution. You may wish to use the latest RELEASE version of the software, which is available from our software link above.

    Under Linux

    SVN may be used to obtain the latest source by using the SVN URL:
    $ svn checkout sword

    Under Windows

    1. Download TortoiseSVN (
    2. Install it.
    3. Create a directory for your SVN source checkout, eg. D:\src\sword
    4. Open this folder and right-click on the background
    5. Choose the "Checkout..." option.
    6. Enter the correct URL for the repository, eg.
    7. Choose OK and that should be it
    8. You will probably also wish to checkout the modules: 'icu-sword', and 'biblecs', which will give you everything you need to compile the windows frontend
    9. The Windows frontend (codename: BibleCS) can be compiled using a free version of Borland C++Builder (5 or 6) using the project file biblecs/swordprj.bpg
    10. To run BibleCS, you will need on your path (or in the biblecs\staging\ directory) the latest version of the ICU Data DLL available from here (icudt*)