Module NameRKJNT
Book NameRevised King James New Testament
Module TypeBible
Module Version1.0 (2002-09-01)
Minimum SWORD Version1.5.1a
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AboutRevised King James New Testament, 2000 Edition, edited by Brad Haugaard.
Welcome to the 2000 edition of the Revised King James New Testament! As in the 1998 edition, I've tried to maintain the feel of the King James Version, frequently using British spellings, and including much of the KJV syntax and even some antiquated words. I've used the masculine in the old, gender-inclusive sense. Brackets [ ] enclose passages that are generally omitted in modern translations. The RKJ New Testament was developed using various modern translations. I did not return to the original languages in developing it.
The only change to the 2000 edition is that I've included - marked by brackets - virtually all passages and words from the King James Version that are generally omitted in modern translations. The 1998 version included only more notable passages.
Since one of my goals was to make a modern translation of the New Testament widely and inexpensively available, I am placing the 2000 version of the Revised King James New Testament in the public domain. I make no copyright claim for it. You are only answerable to God for how you use it.
Distribution LicensePublic Domain
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