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Book NameLe Nouveau Testament de la Bible de Genève de 1669
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Module Version1.0.3 (2015-12-27)
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AboutLe Nouveau Testament de la Bible de Genève de 1669.

Source text obtained in October 2015 from
supplemented in a few places using the text read from scanned pages
in the zip download from

The orthography has some quirks, such as "f" in words such as in "Paul prifonnier de Jefus Chrift".
The original would have used the archaic long letter "ſ".
Reverting these could not be easily scripted because the letter "f" is also part of the French alphabet.
A dictionary based approach might be feasible, but there would still be many cases that require a human decision
(e.g. "fera" vs "ſera").
Some spellings are inconsistent.
The italics markup in Luc was missing.
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