Module NameAraSVD
Book NameSmith and van Dyck's al-Kitab al-Muqaddas (Arabic Bible)
Module TypeBible
Module Version2.3 (2023-01-18)
Minimum SWORD Version1.5.9
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AboutAl-Kitab al-Muqaddas (Arabic Bible)
Translated by Drs. Eli Smith & Cornelius van Alen van Dyck, 1865.

Per kind permissions from:
Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry
P.O. 486
Dracut, MA 08126

This Bible module may be re-distributed in Sword format only. Conversion to other formats is not permitted without express permission of the copyright holder.
Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry
Distribution LicenseCopyrighted; Permission granted to distribute non-commercially in SWORD format
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