General books

The following are general books that can be used in any SWORD-based Bible program. To download, simply click on the link. For more information about a module, click the Info link beside it.

Please note: Nearly all SWORD programs include an Install Manager, which simplifies downloading and installation of modules. It is strongly recommended that you use an Install Manager if one is available to you. If one is not available for the application you are using, you may download from the list below and extract the ZIP to your SWORD module directory.

SWORD Module Add-ins Installation Instructions

Language: de
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] GerLutherpredigten Eine Sammlung von Lutherpredigten [download]

Language: en
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] AquinasSummaTheologica Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas [download]
[info] EEnochCharles 1 Enoch in English [download]
[info] EnumaElish The Enuma Elish [download]
[info] JESermons Select Sermons of Jonathan Edwards [download]
[info] Jasher The Book of Jasher [download]
[info] Jub The Book of Jubilees [download]
[info] LawGospel Walther's Law and Gospel [download]
[info] SummaTheologica Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas [download]

Language: gez
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] EEnochGeez 1 Enoch in Ge'ez [download]

Language: grc
Info Name Description Raw ZIP
[info] Didache Didache. The Teaching of the twelve apostles to the nations. Includes Strong's Numbers (where available) and morphological tags. [download]

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