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Teus Benschop teusjannette at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 23:25:05 MST 2014

In defense of mapping between versification system: We are using them
during translation work, and they provide advantages to the translator
where verses of different Bibles are displayed in parallel. And even if a
mapping is not perfect in the sense that it covers all cases, it still is
useful in most cases.
We take a two step mapping cycle instead of a one-step mapping cycle.
For example, to go from the KJV(A) to e.g. the Dutch Staten Bible, we use
two mappings:
a. KJV(A): Maps from here to a "Hebrew / Greek" versification system.
b. Dutch Staten Bible: Maps from here to a "Hebrew / Greek" versification
The two steps to go from (a) to (b) are these:
1. Go from (a) to Hebrew/Greek
2. Go from Hebrew/Greek to (b).
Yes, I admit: Not perfect, not reliable. But: It is workable, and it's
better than nothing.
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