[sword-devel] CzeBKR & CzeCSP

Matej Cepl mcepl at redhat.com
Thu Feb 27 10:48:49 MST 2014

On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 04:17:24AM -0800, Chris Little wrote:
>It's unclear whether you are working entirely from an ODT 
>exported from Wikisource articles or are also using the CzeBKR 
>module exported via osis2mod, but there's no way we would 
>distribute content produced via either of these methods.

The former, as the CzeBKR as it currently stands is faulty 
(using the first edition text for the New Testament).

>Wikisource can be a good source for Bibles, but there are a couple of 
>very significant problems with how you are using Wikisource. The first 
>problem is that you aren't using the Wikisource source text, you're 
>using something that has already been transformed into ODT.

It has been exported to ODT by the Wikisource page itself.  

Meaning, I AM working on the WikiSource text (or there is some 
serious bug in their software, but I’d bet it’s better than what 
we have).

But see below ... I will drop ODT efforts alltogether. It is not 

>unnecessarily introduces the potential for errors. It's also 
>much, much easier to transform Wiki markup to OSIS than it is 
>to transform ODT to OSIS.

I hoped for the OSIS OpenOffice filter to work. Apparently, it 

>If you intend to use Wikisource as a source text, use the 
>underlying Wiki document and write a script to pull a fresh 
>copy from Wikisource so that changes to the Wikisource copy can 
>be easily integrated into updates. If you'd like an example 
>Python script that downloads documents from Wikisource and 
>generates an OSIS document, I can send you one.

You are right. It really was easy 

>"Maintainer" contact info is not useful or necessary because 
>"maintainers" usually maintain their submissions very little if 
>at all. Module bugs go into the bug tracker. From there, we 
>assign the bugs to the appropriate maintainer. If you feel the 
>need to sign your module, you can add a note at the end of the 
>About section.

I understand that you insist to having everything under the
control and in secrecy (why would y'all otherwise hide 
maintainers, and also see the recent discussion on SVN v. DVCS), 
but I don’t think it is the best way how to encourage community 
collaboration. But that’s your choice (or rather, choice of 
everybody behind the project).


>>Could somebody upload to our repository
>>http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/CzeCSP.zip with the new version, please?
>We do not accept submissions of compiled modules. Submissions are 
>still done the same way as they were two years ago: send the OSIS file 
>or a link to it to modules at crosswire.org.

Sorry, you are right. I will.



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