[sword-devel] Project “Free Scriptures” started

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Feb 23 23:21:08 MST 2014

Realizing that this is chiefly a troll, I'll just correct a couple of 
the dumber falsehoods. I'd intended to post an advertisement for The 
SWORD Project on your message board akin to your spam ad to sword-devel, 
but it's clear that no one is on your message board other than you and 
woschultz. The view counts on the message board suggest that not even 
search indexers deem your project worthy of attention.

On 2/22/2014 12:02 PM, Stephan Kreutzer wrote:
> Since the SWORD project doesn’t seem to be much concerned about digital
> freedom (no repository of OSIS sources, only unreadable SWORD modules)

Silly & wrong. We do respect copyrights, however--in absolute contrast 
to you and the rest of your Zefania/Haggai gang, who illegally 
distribute copyrighted works without any sort of permission. You're even 
so stupid and lazy as to retain clear documentary evidence that you are 
engaging in copyright infringement by retaining our bibliographic and 
rights data in the content you have ripped off.

We're not an OSIS document repository. Making XML documents available 
for that content that we could share is not part of our mission. (When 
we are able to share and organizations acting in good faith request OSIS 
or otherwise formatted texts, we do share them. We've shared with other 
software projects, including both GPL and commercial projects, as well 
as with more typical document repository maintainers & Bible societies.)

> or the quality of bible texts (no checking, distribution of incorrect
> texts),

This is a foolish accusation on your part.

The full gamut of your evidence to substantiate this claim is that we 
distribute the GerElb1871 module. When last you brought this up, we 
re-labelled the module with a "sogennant" disclaimer to signify that the 
module is likely not an 1871 Elberfelder, but is that module which is 
commonly (in many different Bible software products) identified as the 
1871 Elberfelder. "Distribution of incorrect texts" implies more than 
one. Name a second.

In contrast, the Zefania true sharp blah blah blah has for the entire 
span of its existence been distributing content exported from Sword 
without permission. If the quality of our texts is so bad--why do you 
keep ripping them off? And further, why do you insist on mangling the 
texts with your inept conversion techniques? (On the bright side, you do 
maintain that crystal clear record of your willful copyright infringement.)

> If you have
> some questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

stop trolling & lying;
stop ripping off our content;
stop willfully infringing copyrights;
completely change your methods, because they really aren't working for you.


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