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DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sat Feb 15 19:27:55 MST 2014

I've a significant update that I have not release yet. (Actually, I thought I had, but I see I have not.) In the updated version there are hundreds of corrections to the Strong's number matching.

Matt 9:10 is a particularily tough verse to map from the Greek to the English. Here is what it ought to be (formatted to be a bit readable:
<verse osisID="Matt.9.10" sID="Matt.9.10"/>
<milestone type="x-p" marker="¶"/>
<w src="1"     lemma="strong:G2532              lemma.TR:και"                  morph="robinson:CONJ">And</w> 
<w src="2"     lemma="strong:G1096              lemma.TR:εγενετο"               morph="robinson:V-2ADI-3S">it came to pass</w>, 
<w src="4"     lemma="strong:G345               lemma.TR:ανακειμενου"           morph="robinson:V-PNP-GSM" type="x-split-496">as</w> 
<w src="16 17" lemma="strong:G3588 strong:G2424 lemma.TR:τω lemma.TR:ιησου"    morph="robinson:T-DSM robinson:N-DSM">Jesus</w> 
<w src="4"     lemma="strong:G345               lemma.TR:ανακειμενου"           morph="robinson:V-PNP-GSM" type="x-split-496">sat at meat</w> 
<w src="5"     lemma="strong:G1722              lemma.TR:εν"                   morph="robinson:PREP">in</w> 
<w src="6 7"   lemma="strong:G3588 strong:G3614 lemma.TR:τη lemma.TR:οικια"     morph="robinson:T-DSF robinson:N-DSF">the house</w>, 
<w src="8"     lemma="strong:G2532              lemma.TR:και"                   morph="robinson:CONJ"/>
<w src="9"     lemma="strong:G2400              lemma.TR:ιδου"                  morph="robinson:V-2AAM-2S">behold</w>, 
<w src="10"    lemma="strong:G4183              lemma.TR:πολλοι"                morph="robinson:A-NPM">many</w> 
<w src="11"    lemma="strong:G5057              lemma.TR:τελωναι"               morph="robinson:N-NPM">publicans</w> 
<w src="12"    lemma="strong:G2532              lemma.TR:και"                   morph="robinson:CONJ">and</w> 
<w src="13"    lemma="strong:G268               lemma.TR:αμαρτωλοι"            morph="robinson:A-NPM">sinners</w> 
<w src="14"    lemma="strong:G2064              lemma.TR:ελθοντες"              morph="robinson:V-2AAP-NPM">came and</w> 
<w src="15"    lemma="strong:G4873              lemma.TR:συνανεκειντο"           morph="robinson:V-INI-3P">sat down with</w> 
<w src="3"     lemma="strong:G846               lemma.TR:αυτου"                 morph="robinson:P-GSM">him</w> 
<w src="18"    lemma="strong:G2532              lemma.TR:και"                   morph="robinson:CONJ">and</w> 
<w src="21"    lemma="strong:G846               lemma.TR:αυτου"                 morph="robinson:P-GSM">his</w> 
<w src="19 20" lemma="strong:G3588 strong:G3101 lemma.TR:τοις lemma.TR:μαθηταις" morph="robinson:T-DPM robinson:N-DPM">disciples</w>.
<milestone type="x-strongsMarkup" resp="ps 2003-12-01-10:41"/><verse eID="Matt.9.10"/>

A couple of things to note the src values and the lemma.TR give the original Greek and the order of the words in the original text. Translation from one language to another is difficult, requiring rearranging of words, translating one word into several, several into one, splitting a word translated into a phrase into parts, and so forth. Much of this is here.

Roughly translated word for word the verse would say:
And it came to pass he, as sat at meat in the house and behold many publicans and sinners coming sat down with the Jesus and his disciples.

The difficulty is that the Greek has Jesus late in the verse, but the KJV has it early. So here, we swap 3 and 16/17 to provide the mapping.

BTW, 846 in the Greek is αυτου, which is genative singular masculine. Yes, reflexive.

It makes sense that those that tagged the KJV would have retained the order of 3 and 16/17, mapping 3 to Jesus and 16/17 to him.

Should have this out shortly.

In Him,
	DM Smith

On Feb 15, 2014, at 8:09 PM, Jim Michaels <jmichae3 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> in KJV matthew 9:10, there is an error in the strong's number used in Matthew 9:10 for the word Jesus, which has <846> instead of <2424>. from beginning to end in NT it's 2424 except in mark 5:24, 16:9, luke 7:37, 19:1, john 9:1 all have "*" for a strong's number. John 8:1 is <846> somehow.
> not sure what other errors there are.
> <846> "backward" or "a baffling wind" (reflexive) is used when after looking it up in my physical strong's it is 2424. not sure I understand that. don't know if it's a typo in an older strong's concordance or not. my strong's is isbn 0-917006-01-1 by hendrickson publishers. I hear they use computers now to keep it up to date/accurate etc. no publishing year on mine. could be 80's.
> who do I forward this info to?
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