[sword-devel] error matthew 9:10 strong's number Jesus

Jim Michaels jmichae3 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 15 18:09:42 MST 2014

in KJV matthew 9:10, there is an error in the strong's number used in Matthew 9:10 for the word Jesus, which has <846> instead of <2424>. from beginning to end in NT it's 2424 except in mark 5:24, 16:9, luke 7:37, 19:1, john 9:1 all have "*" for a strong's number. John 8:1 is <846> somehow.
not sure what other errors there are.

<846> "backward" or "a baffling wind" (reflexive) is used when after looking it up in my physical strong's it is 2424. not sure I understand that. don't know if it's a typo in an older strong's concordance or not. my strong's is isbn 0-917006-01-1 by hendrickson publishers. I hear they use computers now to keep it up to date/accurate etc. no publishing year on mine. could be 80's.

who do I forward this info to?

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