[sword-devel] Av11n modules - was Deuterocanonical books / Apocrypha

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Feb 5 16:05:52 MST 2014

On 02/04/2014 06:38 PM, Kahunapule Michael Johnson wrote:
> On 02/03/2014 12:04 PM, Chris Little wrote:
>> We build modules from your sites from USFM, so what you do with OSIS doesn't affect us.
> In that case, it is entirely up to you to deal with chapter number starting point translation, if necessary. I think I have dealt with all chapter or verse out of order issues before you get them.
> Perhaps I should stop generating OSIS files. Nobody else uses them, as far as I know.

We've definitely never used your mOSIS files. We have a policy of always 
using the highest quality copy of documents, nearest the maintained 
source. In the case of your documents, I believe it's the USFM copy that 
you use as the archival master and everything else is derived from that.

We also absolutely can't use documents converted from USFM to OSIS by 
converters other than our own. Maintaining control over both the USFM to 
OSIS converter (usfm2osis.py in this case) and the filters in Sword that 
generate HTML, etc. from OSIS means we can implement private-use 
extensions in the OSIS we generate and write code to specifically target 
them in our filters.


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