[sword-devel] Av11n modules - was Deuterocanonical books / Apocrypha

Kahunapule Michael Johnson Kahunapule at eBible.org
Thu Feb 6 10:44:41 MST 2014

On 02/06/2014 05:59 AM, Barry Drake wrote:
> I've just tried usm2osis.py and found it to be a very effective tool.  It was far easier for me to put some edits into the usfm files and then convert.  In addition to AddPs.150 being altered to AddPs there is also a need to change EpJer.6 to EpJer.1 and to alter EsthGr.10 - 16 to EsthGr.1 - 7.  Having done that, I was able to make a modified version of canon_nrsva.h with the differing chapter/verse counts and rebuild the library.  I now have a nearly correct module.  As EpJer does not exist in the NRSVA
> booklist, it was easier for me to make the chapter into Bar.6 instead.  However, it is very easy to add EpJer into the versification system by altering my canon_webbe_a.h if required.

It seems there is a conflict between the versification for EsthGr. in your scheme and the one in the standard canon.h. There is also a further complication in that EsthGr can be used for the whole book of Esther from the Septuagint (as it is in LXX2012) or it can be used for just the additions to Esther found in the Septuagint but not in the traditional Hebrew text. So, I think I'll wait on making changes on my end for a more general solution.

> Bear in mind that many of us don't use Microsoft Windows or MacOS so the Haiola programs are not a lot of use to us.

Haiola runs fine under Mono on Linux. My primary production environment is Ubuntu Linux. Manual installation instructions for Haiola on Linux are an http://haiola.org. (Sorry, I haven't done any packaging or repository building.)

>   I would say one thing: the Haiola generated OSIS puts each chapter into one line. This makes it very cumbersome to edit.  This is why I turned to usfm2osis.  If I want to edit the OSIS lines, I can do it easily using gedit.

Good point. I just edited the Haiola source to insert more line breaks and updated the distribution copy on http://haiola.org. The latest version should produce shorter lines, so once I regenerate all of the OSIS files on my sites, they should all be editable with gedit. That said, normally you shouldn't have to edit the OSIS. I know it doesn't always work out that way, but manual editing of large XML files is not a good idea as part of a module creation process.

> However, I have to say that right now, I am really stuck!  All the attempts I have made to produce modules leave me with a module that has all the books except EsthGr.  When I go to Esther (Greek), I get Revelation.  This happens whether I use Michael's OSIS or the one I have made.  If anybody has any ideas I could try, please say.  As I made the module as a rawtext version, I was able to look at it in a text editor.  EsthGr seems to be in the module and there were no error messages from osis2mod.

I'm at a loss to figure this one out. Hopefully someone else can.

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