[sword-devel] Windows Utilities

Raoul Snyman raoul at snyman.info
Tue Jul 23 08:05:54 MST 2013

>There are a small number of projects (mostly church projection
>software) who use diatheke output and then post process it but I think
>this is simply a sign of lack of willingness to get to grips with the
>API. I have been in contact with one such project and pointed out the
>python bindings - my understanding is they will look at that closer and
>change their code as the options of the API are a manifold better than
>cut up diatheke output.

As the head of one of said Church projection apps, we provide an import for OSIS files (from mod2osis) because the Python bindings are not avaliable in at least one of our major distros, Ubuntu. As far as I've heard, the bindings were not available because the didn't build.

Add soon as I see them generally available I will most certainly be adding sword integration to the project. 

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