[sword-devel] Windows Utilities

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Jul 23 05:00:35 MST 2013

On 7/23/2013 1:23 AM, David Haslam wrote:
> Greg,

Aside from a mod2osis patch he submitted once upon a time, I don't think 
Greg has done any work on the utilities, so I'm unclear why you're 
asking him.

> Is anyone actually looking at the software issues for SWORD utilities?

Yes, but everyone is more interested in their own issues. If you can't 
code, then you are a second-class citizen here.

Developers are more likely to submit patches that could fix the bugs 
they report.
Developers are more likely to submit actual bugs that don't need to be 
confirmed, whereas non-developers have a high incidence of just not 
knowing what they're talking about.
And developers are more likely to give good bug descriptions: high in 
signal, low in noise, and accurately describing where the problem might be.

> This one is still open, even though it was created on 2012-01-09.
> http://www.crosswire.org/tracker/browse/MODTOOLS-31

I would agree that these are bugs (or reasonable feature enhancements), 
but there are much more important issues to address. (This assumes that 
the issue actually exist; I haven't confirmed that.) These are 
essentially export utilities, so they don't affect our real end-users: 
the users of front ends.

> It's quite disheartening to see so little response after reporting a
> software issue.
> CrossWire does not have a good track record as regards responsiveness.
> Which other open source project would allow issues to be neglected for more
> than 18 months?

Most of them. Which other open source projects do you have experience with?

I just checked the bug tracker of another FOSS project, which has 
corporate sponsorship and dozens of developers, including full-time paid 
developers. It has open bugs from the 1990s.


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