[sword-devel] ISV status?

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Sun Jan 6 02:22:29 MST 2013

When the repos were still up yesterday you had around 40 copyright restricted modules up in our Wycliffe repo and another 10 in the avraw repo. 

You had blocked access to the conf files in mods.d, but not to the mods.d.tar.gz and the modules folder content. 

In consequence of that the modules remained freely available to everyone who put your server settings into the installmgr configuration.. If you want to ensure that modules are truly gone you nerd to edit both mods.d.tar.gz and  delete the relevant files in the modules subfolder. 

Once you have done that you will indeed be free to host our public domain or otherwise freely distributable texts. 

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Subject: [sword-devel] ISV status?
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I'm currently reviewing its contents to ensure no module exclusive to Crosswire was available.  I will be putting it back up on completion of my review.

In the meanwhile, as previously requested .. if you specifically know of any that were missed, please say so (and don't make it seem like it was purposeful.  If there were a couple of missed (which I doubt) it was unintended).

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