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Andrew Thule thulester at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 15:58:52 MST 2013


CrossWire is itself distributing Copyright Material, unwilling to provide
evidence it posses License to do this.  Therefore since you're accusing me
of this same thing, the same standard applies.  Although I don't impose
ultimatums on CrossWire though you are with me, feel free to validate
your suspicion about the Dead Sea Scroll module with each Copyright holders
directly.  If a single Copyright holder is found who denies I have right to
construct a module from a textual derivative of their work, I will do
exactly as you ask, and beg forgiveness.

However, because CrossWire isn't the Copyright owner (whatever
it considers), and has nothing to do with the non-Crosswire server hosting
the module (by its own choice) and doesn't even represent the Copyright
interests of the source material, you might want to check with the actual
Copyright holders on what they've allowed, before acting on your hunch. To
remove a volunteer's posting privileges on a hunch without warrant (especially
if you're mistaken) would be arbitrarily unjust and capricious, given that
CrossWire's own right to distribute Copyrighted text is also still unproven
and in question (though equally strongly claimed).  Even so, as the list
manager, feel free to do as you see fit (though have courage enough to do
it publicly).

With equally good wishes, and also with sincerity.

On Monday, January 7, 2013, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

>  The previous directive to close these discussions extends to this
> thread, as well.  The same conditions apply for action:
> CrossWire considers the DSS materials you post on your website to be under
> copyright and not legal for you to distribute.  Our policy is to not allow
> illegal content to be posted or linked to on sword-devel.  Please refrain
> from making this material available from the link you have posted here on
> sword-devel or your ability to post to sword-devel will be revoked.
> Sincerely, with all good wishes,
> Troy
> On 01/07/2013 09:09 PM, Andrew Thule wrote:
>  DM,
> Let's not reopen the DSS issue, thought it is the same issue.  Crosswire
> is not the Copyright Owner of a single DSS translations.  So as long as
> Crosswire is playing no official role in their digitization or
> distribution, CrossWire has absolutely nothing to say on the matter.
> That said, I was seeking assistance.  That formally would have required
> anyone helping me would have had to been brougt under the some terms, which
> means I would likely have had to 'legally' clarify the terms of the work
> (by doing exactly what I'm asking CrossWire to do now, by providing a
> license).
> Since CrossWire did not get involved, Crosswire has absolutely no idea
> what license restrictions there are NOT or ARE in dealing with the source
> text (only speculation), or even if I do in fact have license (though I
> argued restrictions were exempted by law) .
> Until a Crosswire developere had actually engaged for the sake of making
> this a Crosswire module to be reposed at Crosswire's repot  - Crosswire was
> foolish to argue the point ...
>  ~A
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