[sword-devel] Downloads exceeding 45 seconds are timed out?

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Aug 29 04:51:17 MST 2013

The timeout was INTENDED to prevent very very lonv delays when attempting to connect to a repository which which non-responsive.  It was not intended to break during a responsive download.

Any libcurl experts have thought on this?

Rendezvous <junk_and_mail at yahoo.com> wrote:
>Reading the ChangeLog of Sword, i see there was a change that included
>a 45 second timeout for "InstallMgr FTP."
>My application when attempting to download a module that takes more
>than 45 seconds to download will go on to proceed as if it successfully
>downloaded the module.
>(But at least, after the install process has completed, the module is
>shown to not be installed on the system.)
>Note, this occurs for the chunks that are downloaded that make up the
>module, not for entire module download period itself.
>That is, if even the 5th out of 6 parts that make up the complete
>module takes more than 45 seconds to download, it'll act like the
>complete module was downloaded at the 45 second mark.
>I'm using r2972 of Sword for my application. Has any one else
>experienced this? Was this tested with slow connections?
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