[sword-devel] Downloads exceeding 45 seconds are timed out?

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Thu Aug 29 06:31:43 MST 2013

I'm not a libcurl expert, nor a SWORD Install Mgr expert. Wearing my hat as a JSword expert:
We do the download to an alternate location and when the last file is successfully downloaded, we rename that location to the final one. That alternate location is merely the folder in the right place with a suffix. Removing the suffix makes the module visible.

We did this precisely because the download can fail part way through. It should be all or none. It is not until the last part of the module has been downloaded that a working module has been downloaded. People were complaining of broken modules prior to this change.

We also instituted a timeout for flaky connections, with each part having its own timeout, and trap that as a failed module download.

The user can also cancel a download that has appeared to have hung or is too slow.

Hope this helps.

In Him,

On Aug 29, 2013, at 7:51 AM, "Troy A. Griffitts"  wrote:

> The timeout was INTENDED to prevent very very lonv delays when attempting to connect to a repository which which non-responsive. It was not intended to break during a responsive download.
> Any libcurl experts have thought on this?
> Rendezvous wrote:
> Reading the ChangeLog of Sword, i see there was a change that included a 45 second timeout for "InstallMgr FTP."
> My application when attempting to download a module that takes more than 45 seconds to download will go on to proceed as if it successfully downloaded the module.
> (But at least, after the install process has completed, the module is shown to not be installed on the system.)
> Note, this occurs for the chunks that are downloaded that make up the module, not for entire module download period itself.
> That is, if even the 5th out of 6 parts that make up the complete module takes more than 45 seconds to download, it'll act like the complete module was downloaded at the 45 second mark.
> I'm using r2972 of Sword for my application. Has any one else experienced this? Was this tested with slow connections?

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