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Daniel Owens dcowens76 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 14:48:49 MST 2012

My phone installs modules to 
/sdcard/Android/data/net.bible.android.activity/files/, but you tried 
that already. For what it's worth, I can manually install to that 
directory without a problem. I can even restore my backup of those files 
after reinstalling AndBible (long story), and it detects all of them.


On 09/18/2012 03:31 PM, Greg Hellings wrote:
> I'm trying to get a module up and running on AndBible and there's a
> few things I'm either missing or botching about it.
> 1) The module is in a personal repository. There doesn't seem to be a
> way in AndBible to configure a new install location. This is an
> HTTP-based location, so it would need post-1.6.2 SWORD, but I imagine
> that's not much of an issue for AndBible as it can bundle its own
> version of SWORD. Is this intentional, overlooked, or purposefully
> left out of the application?
> 2) I tried copying the files directly into the application, but I
> can't seem to locate the proper location to place them. I have tried
> directly into /sword/ on the SDCard, but I think that was the path
> that Bishop uses. So then I tried in /Android/data/<net.bible or
> something>/ where I also located a mods.d and modules directory. The
> application still didn't seem to locate the files. Am I missing the
> install path somewhere?
> 3) If files are meant to be manually installed, I don't see a way to
> tell the application to refresh its cache of modules. That would be a
> handy button, rather than force closing the application and restarting
> it.
> I've been told I need to actually soil my hands with mobile
> development, so I'm willing to work with you, Martin, if these are
> directions you want the application to go. The target for this module
> is the stereotypical, rural, subsaharan, African grasslands. Some
> people might have connectivity some of the time, but it's much more
> likely that the files will be copied from phone to phone readily.
> Might it even be possible for one person to directly transfer a module
> from one phone to another using some sort of Bluetooth or NFC-style of
> connection in the absence of a host computer?  Now I'm just talking
> hot air about possibilities, but is it feasible?
> --Greg
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