[sword-devel] AndBible

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 12:31:26 MST 2012

I'm trying to get a module up and running on AndBible and there's a
few things I'm either missing or botching about it.

1) The module is in a personal repository. There doesn't seem to be a
way in AndBible to configure a new install location. This is an
HTTP-based location, so it would need post-1.6.2 SWORD, but I imagine
that's not much of an issue for AndBible as it can bundle its own
version of SWORD. Is this intentional, overlooked, or purposefully
left out of the application?

2) I tried copying the files directly into the application, but I
can't seem to locate the proper location to place them. I have tried
directly into /sword/ on the SDCard, but I think that was the path
that Bishop uses. So then I tried in /Android/data/<net.bible or
something>/ where I also located a mods.d and modules directory. The
application still didn't seem to locate the files. Am I missing the
install path somewhere?

3) If files are meant to be manually installed, I don't see a way to
tell the application to refresh its cache of modules. That would be a
handy button, rather than force closing the application and restarting

I've been told I need to actually soil my hands with mobile
development, so I'm willing to work with you, Martin, if these are
directions you want the application to go. The target for this module
is the stereotypical, rural, subsaharan, African grasslands. Some
people might have connectivity some of the time, but it's much more
likely that the files will be copied from phone to phone readily.
Might it even be possible for one person to directly transfer a module
from one phone to another using some sort of Bluetooth or NFC-style of
connection in the absence of a host computer?  Now I'm just talking
hot air about possibilities, but is it feasible?


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