[sword-devel] Speech synthesis voices?

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Aug 20 15:03:51 MST 2012

Andrew Thule <thulester at gmail.com> writes:
> It seems to me most applications, including Bibletime and Xiphos have
> a 'sense' of active window vs inactive.  When I click on a window and
> select the 'up and down' arrow, different things happen depending upon
> which pane the application has 'active'.  With respect to text to
> voice synthesis, shouldn't behaviour be the same?

So I click a random dictionary link that managed to show up in Xiphos'
previewer, inducing the dictionary pane to react.  Mouse activity is in
some sense still current in the previewer, while the dictionary pane is
where output activity has most recently appeared.

Now I click the navbar's verse down-arrow.

What do you expect TTS to read?

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