[sword-devel] Speech synthesis voices?

Andrew Thule thulester at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 19:55:16 MST 2012

Ok, good question, I see your point, but remember, visually impaired folks
don't use mice.  They use modules that read everything on actice screens,
representing possible windows and clickable actions with keystrokes, and
they use Braille screens, which means most visually impaired people won't
click random links, rather they will have to purposefully select the link
using key specific key sequences.

I mentioned that I have a friend who is a blind network admin?  When he
works, he primarily uses CLI where available, which, in terms of Sword,
would have to mean text to voice at the level of the OS or diatheke.
 However, where CLI doesn't exist, I understand that there key sequences
that emulate mouse clicks ( I don't know quite how this works), so when you
say 'mistakenly clicks random links', - for the visually impaired, that
would mean, 'correctly types in the key sequence to emulate the mouse
click', which is unlikely.

That said, there is a gradient of visually impaired - and my friend has
been blind from birth ( which makes watching him do packet captures, packet
analysis to then reconfigure switches and firewalls all the more amazing)
~ A

On Monday, August 20, 2012, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:

> Andrew Thule <thulester at gmail.com <javascript:;>> writes:
> > It seems to me most applications, including Bibletime and Xiphos have
> > a 'sense' of active window vs inactive.  When I click on a window and
> > select the 'up and down' arrow, different things happen depending upon
> > which pane the application has 'active'.  With respect to text to
> > voice synthesis, shouldn't behaviour be the same?
> So I click a random dictionary link that managed to show up in Xiphos'
> previewer, inducing the dictionary pane to react.  Mouse activity is in
> some sense still current in the previewer, while the dictionary pane is
> where output activity has most recently appeared.
> Now I click the navbar's verse down-arrow.
> What do you expect TTS to read?
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