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On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 3:25 AM, Kahunapule Michael Johnson <
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>  Comments below...
> I think that either proxies or mirrors can improve the probability of
> access from creative access countries. The primary difference is that a
> mirror increases the effective available download bandwidth while a proxy
> does not, unless it is a caching proxy. The main issue with mirrors is if
> they are periodically updated to the contents of the master site (which is
> good) or just mirrored once with content that eventually goes stale (which
> is not as good). If, like Ubuntu archive mirrors, all mirrors use rsync in
> a specific manner to update every 6 hours, then all archives contain the
> exact same data. I would rather see regularly-updated mirrors or caching
> proxies than simple proxies, just to get the added benefit of more capacity
> (and therefore more resistance to DOS attacks as well as more ability to
> distribute Scriptures to more people in a given time).

Not having access to rsync with the main Crosswire site, to avoid
fragmentation between the main site, and the mirror I emulated rsync via
FTP using the following in a cron job (which was as close as I could get):

/usr/bin/wget -nH -np -m --passive-ftp --user=anonymous --password=
mirror at user.com ftp://ftp.crosswire.org/pub/sword/raw

When something at the main site changed, it was replicated at the mirror,
if nothing changed, nothing was copies.  Nothing that existed on the mirror
differed from what was on the main sites (so the purpose was to have an
exact copy).

I provide this only to fill in technical details of how I was 'mirroring'
the main site, not to support some particular position or another.

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