[sword-devel] Kindle/Nook Format

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Apr 14 19:48:33 MST 2012

On 4/12/2012 3:50 PM, Mike Hart wrote:
> Besides a contact offlist, noone has made any statement for or against
> releasing epubs via CrossWire. GoBible's association with the Crosswire
> Bible Society indicates Crosswire has the ability to release in formats
> other than sword but some guiding principles that remain a mystery. If I
> or someone in my organization has texts to hand to Crosswire in epub
> format and declare them in the care of Crosswire, would someone at
> Crosswire consider starting a repo of epub format texts?

I would guess CrossWire would not be against hosting EPUBs and MOBIs. 
It's probably something Troy should chime in on, before any significant 
effort goes into the proposition.


The usual way for ebook reader users to get their books is via their 
ebook reader manufacturer's store, be it B&N, Amazon, iTunes, or the 
like. I don't know of an ebook reader that doesn't support some way of 
loading books via USB, HTTP, or email, but I don't expect that most 
users are familiar with those. So the question would arise: should we 
rather be preparing EPUBs & MOBIs for submission to Amazon, iTunes, 
Amazon, B&N, Google Play, kobo, Sony, etc.?

I don't disagree with Peter, that ebook readers are not well-suited to 
what Sword & Go Bible normally do, which is specialized lookups, 
cross-referencing, etc. However, I believe there's still potentially a 
market for Bibles and other Christian texts that people actually sit 
down and read, cover-to-cover.


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