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jhphx jhphx at cox.net
Sun Apr 15 09:55:10 MST 2012

I think there are going to be people who will do or will want to do 
these kind of things. So, ignore them, block them, or help them do the 
best they can and make as little mess and problems for Crosswire as 
possible? Perhaps the first thing needed is information on what can and 
can not be done and what should and should not be done and how to do the 
best ways. That information could be put in the wiki. That does not 
require any changes at Crosswire other than providing some information.

I like that Michael wants to try to do something. That won't have to 
change anything at Crosswire or in existing code either unless he finds 
something worthy of the change. There are people like Michael that have 
some knowledge of how web sites work and security. Their input for 
others could be valuable. Until yesterday I had never tried using a 
proxy service. I found Proxy.org and the information there and 
discovered how easy it is to find and use proxies as a user. But I don't 
know how easy it would be to set up a proxy specifically for connections 
to Crosswire for others to use. I have also tested "HTTPS Everywhere" 
and found that it does not get a secure connection to Crosswire. I don't 
know if that would matter but thought I would mention it as long as we 
are near the topic. Perhaps there are others that know these kind of 
services and would like to experiment and share their knowledge where it 
could help people who want to set up such things.

As to the topic of repositories, my understanding is that people are 
free to create their own repositories and share them as long as nothing 
being shared violates copyright and license agreements.  So, again, 
people that will set these up, ignore them, or help them do it as 
easy,completely and accurately as possible without making a mess?

As to Crosswire only modules, can install manager detect them and give 
an error or message when an unallowed non-Crosswire repository is being 
used? I know that wouldn't be fool proof but it would as least give 
honest fools a heads up. It probably wouldn't work correctly with proxy.


On 4/15/2012 1:01 AM, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> On Sat, 2012-04-14 at 21:25 -1000, Kahunapule Michael Johnson wrote:
>> Does that make sense?
> As a rule I think it makes very little or no sense to spend any effort
> on a systematic "anti-censorship" setup, unless this is what you do
> professionally. It is simply impossible for a content provider to stay
> on top of say, China's or Iran's Great Firewall.
> This is separate from making occasionally modules available to a friend
> in a "creative" access country.
> In my view it is much better to be in a reliable place with a decent
> pipe to the net, making it possible for those who want to access us with
> creative means (e.g. Tor) to access us, reliably and with minimal fuss.
> Once we go down the route of anti-censorship measures (by way of proxy
> or mirror), we are in an arms race which we will loose reliably, while
> at the same time making access difficult to those with unreliable
> information where to find us. People will latch on mirrors and proxies
> and end up nowhere when these go down for one reason or another.
> Peter
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