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Fri Jun 10 18:38:58 MST 2011

Hi Mike / Angel,

On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 9:20 AM, Mike Hart <just_mike_y at yahoo.com> wrote:

> HOWEVER:  your latest post says you are creating an IMP type file, not a
> VPL type file.  to create a sword module from IMP type files do a similar
> process
> $ IMP2MOD.exe (enter) --> gives you the options you need to include ....
> IMPort files have more options because the IMP format can be used for any
> type of sword module, where the VPL (verse per line) assume you are
> importing text or verse for verse commentaries.  I've created modules from
> import files, but not ones that work with BibleTime.
> When you get into IMPort files, the Sword team has made statements about
> not supporting this type of format for module creation any longer, and some
> of the front end programs may no longer be able to read the output file.
> This is because the Import format includes much more support for formatting
> (centers on the screen, etc.) the VPL type files are also no longer
> officially supported, but if you stick with plain text VPL files, there is
> very little chance your module will do something that the bible reader
> programs no longer support.

I'm not sure that this is correct.  While I have heard things about IMP as
an import mechanism not going to be supported well in future, that concern
is quite different from whether the created modules actually work well in
programs.  If you use GBF then it is quite possible that it will not work
well in all programs, but if you use OSIS or ThML then I would expect them
to be well supported for the foreseeable future.

Certainly if you want to submit modules to CrossWire and are creating a
Bible complete OSIS documents are preferred (I think because it allows it to
be run through a validator, whereas OSIS/ThML in an IMP file is not
necessarily valid XML).  However, if you are wanting to use and distribute
modules yourself you can pretty much use anything that works.

Modules from import files should work just as well as modules from
osis2mod.  Could you give more details about any ones that didn't work with

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