[sword-devel] ACDCref, a modified ACDC module: hot-linking verse references

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Sep 20 07:38:37 MST 2010

In the Xiphos repo, I've just placed a new module ACDCref, which is an
update to the ACDC module present in CrossWire Beta repo.

This module makes just one change: It wraps all verse references in
<ref> attributes, rendering them clickable.  That's all.  It's not
perfect, but it's a good step forward.  It's another of my sed-driven
creations, syntactically discovering BCVs and wrapping them.

We're all about Bible software; I think having modules that always link
Bible references is, by now and in our world, a base-level necessity.
In general, I find anything that adds to or generally improves
navigability within display to be something we ought to aim for.  And in
this case, it's easy, nearly a freebie.  I can't see any reason why we
would ever decline to link BCVs.

Consider this module's change to be a proof-of-concept demo.  It really
ought to be re-done in the source document.  There are 62 changed

On a related note, Brian Dumont and I have been scratching our heads,
wondering why TEI uses <ref> instead of <reference>.  This seems a
completely pointless terminology difference between TEI and OSIS.

I did a similar <ref>-wrapping operation on ChurchHandy, but it uses
(long outdated) Roman numeral chapter numbers, e.g.
        <ref osisRef="Bible:Matt.xviii.18">
and apparently verse parsing doesn't grasp those there, even though it
does understand them in other contexts.

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