[sword-devel] Android App "... and God Said"

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Sun Sep 19 09:09:34 MST 2010

As a new owner of an Android phone (HTC Evo), I recently downloaded "and
God Said" (0.0.6).

First of all, thanks to Martin for all the work and thanks to everyone
else showing interest.  Until now,  I've casually read much of (but not
all of) the discussion.  Now that I've used it, I thought I'd offer some
suggestions and comments:

    * I really like most of what is there.  The notes are done in a
      creative way that makes maximal use of a limited screen.  The text
      presentation is clean, and headings are nicely marked.  I love the
      "jump chapter" function of a side-swipe.
    * Echoing what some others have said, I think the
      "navigate-to-verse" methodology might need some work.  Back
      something like 7-8 years ago, I was an avid user of the PalmBible+
      app.  I could navigate to a verse much faster than even an
      experienced reader could navigate in a paper Bible.  The interface
      was quite similar to what you can see now in Olive Tree's Bible
      Reader.  You picked from a list of abbreviated book names on a
      single page.  Then you picked from a chapter number, also all
      options were on a single page.  It's really the scrolling that
      slows things down so much.
    * I'd love to see support for other repositories and for GenBooks
      although I realize that involves building a second navigation
      interface.  Although I'm not a programmer, I would be quite
      willing to offer suggestions about a clean navigation interface
      for genbooks.

Once again, thanks very much, and great work.

In Christ,

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