[sword-devel] av11n mappings

Konstantin Maslyuk kalemas at mail.ru
Thu Oct 28 01:14:46 MST 2010

Hi, Troy.

> V1 [abc]
> V2 [abcd]
> V3 [abce]
> where V1 is your chosen intermediate system (KJV or KJVA in your code),
> and the problem case comes when attempting to map V2.d to V3.e

My  code  will  map  V2[d] to V3[e] if they should be mapped otherwise
mapping  data  should  mark both of them as unexisting in intermediate
v11n.  Or  maybe  if V3[e] is verse after V2[d] it should be mapped as
V1[a+4].  The  code  just  modify chapter/verse ids and if final verse
exists in v11n it should be displayed.

There  also  would  be problems if map verse from one book to verse in
another  book.  And  i found in ccel.org that some books are mapped to
another  names  (ex.  3Kdms == 1Kgs), i do not think it should be this
way. There should be only one name in Sword for known book.

> Thank you for thinking hard about this and actively developing a first
> draft at an implementation!  Nice work!  Looking forward to hearing how
> your Synodal pilot translation table works out.

There  is  converter  for  ccel.org  refMap  to cpp and if i will have
mapping  data between two v11ns in Sword i will prefer to work with it
then finishing Synodal now.

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