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Johan Marais johan.marais at messianic.co.za
Sun Oct 24 10:39:41 MST 2010

Thank you Peter and Karl,

I copied the Esther example from the OSIS manual into my text and the results are as follows:

Looks correct in Xiphos (Windows), i.e. the text reference (Ezra 4:6) is in the footnote and I can click on it and it takes me to the correct text.
On my iPhone though, the footnote shows correctly, but the Ezra text reference is not "clickable".

The <catchword> shows the portion in italics, normally italics are used for those words added by the translators!

Any ideas why the discrepancy between Xiphos and iPhone?
Can the <catchword> "setting" be changed to show bold and not italics?

Thank you,


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Hi Johan,

Was not around for a while. Hence my delay of response

On 19/10/10 18:36, Johan Marais wrote:
> Below is an example in Mat. 1:23 where I want a portion highlighted in
> bold (from the beginning of the sentence and ending with Immanu’el), but
> also add a footnote (which contains a cross reference) at ‘almah’ and a
> cross reference and allusion at Immanu’el.

> Does OSIS make provision for this type of markup?

> Mat 1:23  *"See, an 'almah' ^1 shall conceive, and she shall give birth
> to a Son, and they shall call His Name Immanu'ĕl,"* ^2 which translated,
> means, "Ěl with us."

> ^1 <footnote> According to the Shem Toḇ Hebrew text & Isa. 7:14. Virgin
> / young woman. See also Explanatory Note "Maiden".

> ^2 <Cross reference> and <allusion> to Isa. 7:14

Ok, the both footnote and crossreference footnote should be straight
forward, just stack the relevant tags into each other, ensuring to close
one tag after each other in the reverse order of opening them.

The allusion - I do not get this, sorry. If it is a cross reference then
this is surely in my mind the "stronger" reference than an allusion and
hence only one of the two is necessary? I am not sure if you can give
two types to a note.

The bold highlighting of the main text - as usual my question: What does
the bold stand for? What are the semantics? If you want to simply
highlight because it is an important verse - fair enough - then <hi>
will do the job. <hi> can carry a fair number of attributes which will
determine which kind of highlighting happens. "bold" is one of them. Do
read the OSIS book I have in the past referred you to. But - it is
nearly always better to avoid <hi> and choose a specific tag signifying
meaning and leaving the presentation to the programmer.

BTW as this is essentially a OSIS and module discussion I think it would
be better to have it on sword-devel. The whole point of guiding you
towards OSIS was to make this a general module rather than a Xiphos or
Pocketsword specific one. A short search of the mailing list archives
will show you how many people have asked for your text to become
available as a generic module rather than a device/frontend specific one
as previously.

In Him


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