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On 10/24/10, Johan Marais <johan.marais at messianic.co.za> wrote:
> Thank you Peter and Karl,
> I copied the Esther example from the OSIS manual into my text and the
> results are as follows:
> Looks correct in Xiphos (Windows), i.e. the text reference (Ezra 4:6) is in
> the footnote and I can click on it and it takes me to the correct text.
> On my iPhone though, the footnote shows correctly, but the Ezra text
> reference is not "clickable".
> The <catchword> shows the portion in italics, normally italics are used for
> those words added by the translators!
> Any ideas why the discrepancy between Xiphos and iPhone?
> Can the <catchword> "setting" be changed to show bold and not italics?
> Thank you,
> Johan
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> Hi Johan,
> Was not around for a while. Hence my delay of response
> On 19/10/10 18:36, Johan Marais wrote:
>> Below is an example in Mat. 1:23 where I want a portion highlighted in
>> bold (from the beginning of the sentence and ending with Immanu’el), but
>> also add a footnote (which contains a cross reference) at ‘almah’ and a
>> cross reference and allusion at Immanu’el.
>> Does OSIS make provision for this type of markup?
>> Mat 1:23  *"See, an 'almah' ^1 shall conceive, and she shall give birth
>> to a Son, and they shall call His Name Immanu'ĕl,"* ^2 which translated,
>> means, "Ěl with us."
>> ^1 <footnote> According to the Shem Toḇ Hebrew text & Isa. 7:14. Virgin
>> / young woman. See also Explanatory Note "Maiden".
>> ^2 <Cross reference> and <allusion> to Isa. 7:14
> Ok, the both footnote and crossreference footnote should be straight
> forward, just stack the relevant tags into each other, ensuring to close
> one tag after each other in the reverse order of opening them.
> The allusion - I do not get this, sorry. If it is a cross reference then
> this is surely in my mind the "stronger" reference than an allusion and
> hence only one of the two is necessary? I am not sure if you can give
> two types to a note.
> The bold highlighting of the main text - as usual my question: What does
> the bold stand for? What are the semantics? If you want to simply
> highlight because it is an important verse - fair enough - then <hi>
> will do the job. <hi> can carry a fair number of attributes which will
> determine which kind of highlighting happens. "bold" is one of them. Do
> read the OSIS book I have in the past referred you to. But - it is
> nearly always better to avoid <hi> and choose a specific tag signifying
> meaning and leaving the presentation to the programmer.
> BTW as this is essentially a OSIS and module discussion I think it would
> be better to have it on sword-devel. The whole point of guiding you
> towards OSIS was to make this a general module rather than a Xiphos or
> Pocketsword specific one. A short search of the mailing list archives
> will show you how many people have asked for your text to become
> available as a generic module rather than a device/frontend specific one
> as previously.
> In Him
> Peter
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