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Matthew Patenaude mnglfiddle at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 00:01:02 MST 2010

I appreciate everyone's comments in reply to my posting yesterday. I am not
trying to be pushy, merely checking to see whether you all were aware of the
issues I mentioned. I apologize for my writing yesterday - long day, and
busy; in a hurry, and my resulting text almost sounds like I am Chinese
myself, instead of a native English speaker. <chagrin>

Yes, there are two versions of the Chinese Bible: one containing a two
character rendition for "God", and another character containing a single
character rendition. I was unaware, however, that the extra space seems to
have been inserted to maintain the printing layout. That makes sense,
however, is that the *only* reason? Most of the Chinese I work with consider
the extra space a way to differentiate between "god" and "God"... but maybe
that was not the original intent? Folks preparing digital texts may need to
keep this in mind, as the readers now expect the extra space to be there.
[It is quite a pain for the Chinese student when learning to read the text,
let me tell you. The space looks like the end of a sentence, almost, and so
it can really throw off the flow of the text, until the new learner gets
very well accustomed to it.]

I do have on my Android, a copy of the java based GoBible Chinese text. It
was not designed with a touch screen in mind, but searching works and it
scrolls via the optical selector button (that's what the htc wildfire has),
and is quite fast. That text does not appear to contain the superfluous
spaces, and also has the correct character ("have" - you3) that I mentioned
before. Are any of you connected with or have any knowledge of the source of
that text? Would it be available? I think David mentioned this text

Matthew Patenaude
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