[sword-devel] Config file for thml module

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Mon Nov 29 19:07:16 MST 2010

On 11/29/2010 05:18 PM, David Haslam wrote:
> Though this enquiry has generated a number of "asides", mmfmarin is still
> awaiting help on using this.
To summarize: it seems to me, that we've presented mmfmarin with two

   1. Make a ThML-ish IMP file.  This is probably the fastest way, but
      leaves one with a file that is harder to error-check and less
      portable.  It will not really be able to produce any formatted
      output from BibleCS (Sword Project for Windows), but the raw text
      should be displayed.  The markup will likely work fine in most
      (maybe all) of the other SWORD/jsword frontends.
   2. Make an OSIS file.  This is probably harder.  thml2osis.xslt is
      very old and unsupported.  If I were to do this, I think I would
      power through it with a successive series of Perl scripts that
      normalize the ThML and then convert each marker to an OSIS
      equivalent.  The final result of this process would give a file
      that could be checked for validity, a process which can turn up
      unexpected errors in the markup.  The OSIS file would produce a
      module that would work well in all SWORD/jsword frontends, and is
      probably more portable to other non-SWORD programs.

It seems that mmfmarin's decision is probably based on the planned
future of this module.  I could see that decision going either way.

In Christ,

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