[sword-devel] Multi-xref sets

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu May 20 05:25:26 MST 2010

DM Smith wrote:
> Regarding <list type="x-reference>, would you also suggest <item type="x-reference"><reference osisRef="xxx">xxx</reference></item> (w/o looking at the OSIS spec to see what the tag is for an item)? That would be a bit busy.

I was thinking of <list><reference>...</reference></list>, but it occurs 
to me that's simply not valid.

> I'd suggest <note type="x-inline"> or some such that takes advantage of what processing is already present.

I'd like to amend my original suggestion to simply:
<seg type="x-reference"> (or x-refList maybe?)

I'm wary of reusing <note> here, since I believe what Karl is talking 
about are works where the references are in the body of the text, rather 
than notes.


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