[sword-devel] Multi-xref sets

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Thu May 20 05:07:32 MST 2010

On May 20, 2010, at 1:04 AM, Chris Little wrote:

> On 5/19/2010 8:21 PM, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
>> When I pass that list...
>>      Gen 41:38; Exod 31:3; 35:31; Num 24:2; 1Sam 10:10; 11:6; 19:20, 23; Ezek 11:24; 2Chr 15:1; 24:20
>> ...through vs2osisref, what comes out is this nightmare:
>> <reference osisRef="Exod.15.2">Exod 15:2</reference>;<reference osisRef="Exod.17.16">17:16</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.68.5">Pss 68:5</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.68.19">19</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.77.12">77:12</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.89.9">89:9</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.94.7">94:7</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.94.12">12</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.102.19">102:19</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.104.35">104:35</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.105.45">105:45</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.106.1">106:1</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.106.48">48</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.111.1">111:1</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.112.1">112:1</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.113.1">113:1</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.113.9">9</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.115.17">115:17</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.115.18">18</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.116.19">116:19</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.117
> .2">117:2</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.118.5">118:5</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.118.14">14</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.118.17-Ps.118.19">17-19</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.122.4">122:4</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.130.3">130:3</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.135.1">135:1</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.135.3">3</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.135.4">4</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.135.21">21</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.146.1">146:1</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.146.10">10</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.147.1">147:1</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.147.20">20</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.148.1">148:1</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.148.14">14</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.149.1">149:1</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.149.9">9</reference>;<reference osisRef="Ps.150.1">150:1</reference>,<reference osisRef="Ps.150.6">6</reference>;<reference osisRef="Isa.12.2">Isa 12:2</reference>;<reference osisRef="
> Isa.26.4">26:4</reference>;<reference osisRef="Isa.38.11">38:11</reference>
>> But again, that makes for individual references, not a monolithic list.
>> Is there an OSIS encoding of a long list of xrefs that leaves them all as
>> a single block of xrefs, as seen on the far side of the filters?
> osisRef takes a list, but I would recommend not using that to glob long lists of reference elements together, since keeping them as individual elements allows their independent access. Rather, I would recommend we agree on an internal standard for marking lists of references (e.g. use <list type="x-reference">).

In addition to OSIS having the equivalent of the form that you like in ThML, note that some frontends (BibleCS, iirc) does not properly handle references like this, where clicking on a reference goes to the entire chapter of the first in the list.

I agree with Chris that it would be good to have a form that allows software to pick the user's best strategy:
a) Single click to get a reference list.
b) Click on each to activate individually.
In order for this to happen the individual elements need to be broken out. The current note form has this.

Software in encountering such a list could have a manufactured "see all" link/button, in addition to the individual links.

Regarding <list type="x-reference>, would you also suggest <item type="x-reference"><reference osisRef="xxx">xxx</reference></item> (w/o looking at the OSIS spec to see what the tag is for an item)? That would be a bit busy.

I'd suggest <note type="x-inline"> or some such that takes advantage of what processing is already present.

In Him,

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